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Structure analysis of aperiodic and periodic crystals

This is a home page of the research group of Dr. Vaclav Petricek in the Institute of Physics.

The laboratory is specialized in structure analysis of aperiodic and periodic crystals and in precise diffraction experiment. Our main project is development of the computing system JANA as a universal crystallographic tool for structures up to six dimensions based in any kind of diffraction data. Jana is currently widely spread program with more than 1000 registered users. Another fields covered in our labratory are charge flipping, magnetic structures, electron density studies by method of maximum entropy, phase transitions, twinning, polytypism, preparation of oriented specimens etc.


  • 2008 We expect installation of the Gemini A diffractometer
  • 2007 Vaclav Petricek awarded by Praemium Academiae
  • 2004 First version of program Superflip written by Lukas Palatinus
  • 2004 CCD detector Sapphire2 installed in the diffractometer Xcalibur
  • 2001 Jana2000 > Jana98 + powder data
  • 2000 Diffractometer Xcalibur with point detector
  • 1998 Jana98 > Jana94 + GUI
  • 1997 Lukas Palatinus, new PhD student
  • 1994 Jana94, computing system for modulated structures based on command line
  • 1990 Era of personal computers begins ...
  • 1989 Michal Dusek, new PhD student
  • 1984 Jana, refinement program for modulated structures written by Vaclav Petricek in Buffalo
  • 1981 Siemens 7536, the second (and last) hall computer
  • 1972 Vaclav Petricek, new PhD student
  • 1971 Tesla 200, the first hall computer
  • 1967 Diffractometer Hilger & Watts
  • 1963 Zuse Z-22/R alias Zuzana, the first universal computer
  • 1954 SuperEliska, Fourier maps calculator
  • 1953 Eliska, structure factors calculator

  • Equipment

  • Four circle X-ray diffractometer Xcalibur2 with CCD detector Sapphire2 and Mo radiation from Oxford Diffraction
  • Cooler: Cryojet HT allows for temperatures between 100 and 500 K
  • Heater: KUMA HotJet allows for temperatures up to 680 K
  • Back- and front reflection Laue camera
  • Buerger precession camera
  • Weissenberg goniometers


  • Václav Petříček Head of the group. Expert to crystallographic computing and structure analysis of complicated structures. Author of the crystallographic system JANA.
    Michal Dušek Structure analysis, diffraction experiment. Co-author of the crystallographic software JANA. In charge of the diffractometer lab.
    Lukáš Palatinus Structure analysis, maximal entropy method for modulated structures, electron densities, charge flipping. See also superflip.
    Jiří Hybler Structural studies of polytypes, chain and layer structures, OD structures in general, twins. Preparation of oriented specimens for various physical studies. In charge of film methods. Personal page: here.
    Jan Dohnálek Expert in protein crystallography. Part time.
    Tomáš Kovaľ PhD student. Protein crystallography.
    Karla Fejfarová PhD student. Crystallography of small molecules. In charge of service crystallography.
    Olfa Labidi Postdoc position.
    Ludvík Hummel Technician.
    Jaroslava Bergerová Technician.
    Ctirad Novák Emeritus scientist


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    ECA Special Interest Group on Aperiodic Structures
    Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association
    Czechoslovak Association for Crystal Growth (CSACG)

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