Greninger chart for interpretation of back-reflection Laue photographs

The chart was described and published by A. B. Greninger ( Zeitschrift f. Kristallographie 91 (1935),pp. 424-432) and later it appeared in the book of Ch. S. Barrett, Structure of Metals, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1952. The presented chart was recalculated and replotted by J. Hybler for the standart sample-to film distance 30 mm. The line spacing corresponds to angular differences of 2 and 10 degrees (bold lines).

To download the chart as *.ps file click at or as *.pdf file click at greninger.pdf.
Then print the chart on the transparent foil. The accurate size of the picture frame should be 164 mm (height) x 160 mm (width).

How to use the chart?

The use of the chart is described in the above mentioned book of Barrett, pages 185-190, as well as in the book of Amoros, Buerger and Amoros, The Laue method, Academic Press, New York, 1975, page 212.