Tutorial Jana2006
The tutorial Jana2006 is scheduled to Tuesday 17h30-19h. The participants should bring laptops with operating system Windows (2000, XP or never). Here are the files necessary for the tutorial.
Plotting program Jana2006 does not have its own plotting program. It can call any external plotting program which can be executed from the command line with an input CIF file as parameter. We recommend Diamond of Crystal Impact. This is a commercial program but demo version is sufficient for the exercise.
Jana2006 We recommend to download and install Jana2006 immediately before the workshop becase its communication with Diamond may change.
Download and installation
  1. Download demo version of diamond: HERE
  2. Install demo version of Diamond by executing the downloaded installation file
  3. Download installation file of Jana2006: HERE
  4. Install Jana2006 by executing the downloaded installation file. For target directory use c:\jana2006.
  5. Execute jana2006.exe. Using "Tools->About" verify that the version is: the version will be specified in September
  6. Still in Jana Go to "Tools -> Programs", select with mouse the textbox "Graphic viewer" and define (using "Browse" button) the pathname of Diamond.exe
  7. For using different text editor than Notepad define its pathname in the textbox "Editor name".
  8. Close Jana2006
  9. Download the example files: HERE and save them to some directory in you hard disk, for instance c:\jana2006\example
Tutorial organization. The participants will obtain printed instructions how to solve the Example 5.1. After an introductory lecture they will try to solve the example under supervison of the lecturer.
Links. Homepage of Jana2006 is jana.fzu.cz. A complete Jana2006 cookbook (Example 5.1 is a part of the cookbook) can also be downloaded from the Jana homepage.